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The Simple Way To Start A Healthy Lifestyle!

Passion Turned Into Profession…

Welcome to Running On Nature, I’m Leigh Ann!

I am a mom, wife and a lifelong wellness seeker. Most days you can find at home curled up with a blanket reading, in the kitchen cooking or running around with my five year old daughter. My journey with clean living started 5 years ago. I was about to have my first child and, as most mom’s do, I began researching everything. As you can imagine it took me down this rabbit hole and journey I never imagined being on. It has literally changed my life.

Better Beauty

You will find product recommendations, what to avoid in skincare and how to get the best glowing skin

Healthy Healing

Here you will learn what things cause us the most harm and how to minimize their effects on our health

Feed Your Soul

The health of our mind and the way we think has the ability to affect our health.

Ditch The Toxins

Let me show you how to spot toxins in products and how to read labels in 15 seconds

Running On Nature Blogs

8 Tips for your prefect Zen

To achieve our life and career goals we create routines that heighten our anxiety and stress levels. We move too fast to pause and focus on what really matters – our health/lifestyle and those around us…

Ditch your shaving cream

For years I shaved using shaving cream, thinking nothing of it. I felt like it was an essential part of shaving. Besides the obvious benefit of the razor gliding smoother over my legs it also…

Do you crave glowing skin

Take this fun quiz to find out how healthy your skin really is and receive your free glow guide! The guide will shows you how to keep your skin looking refreshed and glowing all year round…

“True beauty comes from within. If we neglect our liver, gut and mind we will never be happy with our outward appearance”

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