Become Your Own Boss

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As women we try to do it all. We try to take care of our family, keep the house in order, work a full time job, run the kids to all their events, if you have kids, and attend after work activities. Whatever your life looks like it can be overwhelming and feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to get it all done.

It wasn’t until I had my first child at 40 that I started to reevaluate my time. I would ask myself everyday where did the day go? Why did I feel like I didn’t get to spend time doing the things I enjoyed most? Why was I not happy and drained at the end of the day? I seriously pondered this for weeks. Then I finally realized that the one thing that I had worked so hard to achieve, up until this point, was the thing stealing all of my time from me. I had worked half my life to climb the corporate ladder. I wanted to be the boss. I wanted to be a leader! So, I worked long hours, accepted every raise and promotion that was offered to me and learned to follow the corporate rules. The funny thing was I never actually made it to the top. I had done everything that was asked of me, plus some, and still got passed up for high level promotions.

As I started to think more about it I realized, I was putting my own goals in someone else’s hands. I was letting someone else determine my destiny and getting nothing in return. It was like none of my employers saw as much potential in me as I saw in myself. That’s when I realized it was time to open my mind to different opportunities and become my own boss. I knew though I didn’t want to do it alone so, I went out in search of businesses that had leaders who were willing to teach me everything. It wasn’t easy to find but god had a plan for me and brought me into the most amazing business with a tribe of woman willing to mentor me for as long as it took. They taught me everything they knew about building a business and showed me how to put systems in place so I would succeed. They saw the potential in me that I saw in myself and literally held my hand through all the ups and downs of becoming my own boss.

It has given me the freedom to spend time doing the things I love the most. It allows me to make money while being a mom who is present and happy. The skills you learn building your dreams will never be taught in school. They are lessons you learn along the way and I hope one day to teach those lessons to my children. I want them to have the tools to build what they want and never feel they have to rely on someone else to determine their destiny.

The beauty of it all is anyone can do this if they have the drive, are tired of getting passed up for promotions, see more value in themselves then others do and want to be their own success story. Being your own boss will change your life forever. It will give you flexibility, a feeling of accomplishment, life skills you will never learn in school and most importantly time back to do the things you love. Let our Tribe help you become the boss you where born to be!

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